Save the Rhino International

As of May 2013, Mahlatini have partnered with Save the Rhino International, to ensure the survival of the rhino and support the conservation efforts being made to do so.

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Formerly registered as a charity in 1994, Save the Rhino have been campaigning to conserve the critically endangered species ever since. Their work covers both Africa and Asia, aiming to achieve their goals through a variety of projects and strategies.

Steps to Conservation

The company recognises the delicate balance between the rhino and the local communities that share its habitat and as such support environmental education programmes. Mostly aimed at school children, these programmes provide a general basis for ecological and conservational teachings.

Save the Rhino are involved in various other essential aspects of the war on rhino poaching as well. The training of ground staff and the equipment required for them to effectively perform their job is vital. Along with this, monitoring plays a key role. This allows rhino numbers to be assessed and measured and can also act as a deterrent to poachers. Breeding programmes and translocations are also important aspects of rhino conservation practiced by the company.

Work in Africa

Save the Rhino is involved with conservation programmes across Africa. Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia currently benefit from its support as does the work of IUCN SSC African Rhino Specialist Group. With the total rhino population in Africa around 25,400, the need to assist the work of Save the Rhino is of crucial importance. Their positive impact on the African eco-system will hopefully be one felt for years to come, through their continuous conservational, educational and anti-poaching programmes.