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Client Score: 2
Anse Soleil Beachcomber



The positives: The location, car rentals on the property, and the snorkeling! The beach that The Beachcomber is on is beautiful. The views are magnificent. The snorkeling is amazing; it was like snorkeling in an aquarium right outside the room. Having a restaurant next door was a huge plus, although if you show up past seven they will not serve you (It happened twice) and they close up pretty quickly even if you are eating. The owner's daughter, Charlene, was very helpful in getting us a car early in the morning to go diving. She also gave suggestions on places we were thinking of going and gave us parking passes. The negatives: It looks like it has been years since this place has been updated. It was very disappointing going from Thornybush to this place. We know that we chose it because we couldn't afford other options, however we still feel like the room should have been better for the money. The room was very basic, which is fine if everything works. Two people could not go to the bathroom consecutively. The toilet would only flush once and then you had to wait about fifteen minutes before you could flush again. The water pressure was low. The two single mattresses pushed together were very uncomfortable. When the air conditioning didn't work, we said something and they did the right thing by moving us to another room. When we slept in the other room, the shower sprayed out the sides and the faucet was broken in the sink. The funniest was when we asked if we could have a 5:30 wake up call. We first asked if they do that and the girl simply said,"no." We thought she didn't understand, but then she asked," What time?" We said "5:30," and then she simply again said,"No." In their manual it does say they give them, but there are no phones in the room. We also thought it was odd when we came back from dinner at 9:30 and everything was pitch black. There wasn't a sign of life, including no sign of the guard on duty. The night before leaving, the place was again shut down and dark before ten. When we came out at 4:30m for our ride to the airport, we walked into the lobby to see the guard sleeping on the couch. The whole thing was a bit odd. The breakfasts were not very good either. They will make you omlettes or a crepe, but that got old pretty quickly. It became amusing how the omlette never had the correct components in it. We ended up getting used to the place, and we did have a fantastic time. We explored pretty much all Mahe and got over to Praslin and La Digue. The islands are beautiful and our days were very active. The Beachcomber ended up not being so bad, but it could be a spectacular little hotel if some maintenance and care went into it.

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