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Kathleen DeRosa & Stephen Connaughton

This hotel was amazing, and the views of the ocean, food, accommodations were amazing! We upgraded to a beach front villa so that we had a bigger pool and immediate access to the beach and this was well worth it!

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Simon & Bhrina Bache

Lovely place, and after speaking to the manager he moved us to a beach room, which was amazing. Would love to go back.

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Linda Knight & Adam King

Food was way overpriced and poor quality. The villa with the outdoor amenities and walk onto the beach was lovely though.

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Erin Wolfson & Arman Taghizadeh

Food was mediocre. Had a room with ocean view - only had ocean view in one location in the room and no view outside- we actually upgraded to ocean front. Cannot sit on beach with chairs due to waves and width of beach. Spent most of the time at the hotel pool. The pool in our room had limited seating - really only in the shade. They do not…

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Georgina Denham & Matthew Schofield

Ive been dreaming of my honeymoon here since I was 16! And whilst the hotel is a little more outdated since its build in 2002, it still feels very special and the setting is unrivalled on the island (believe me we did the tour!) The rooms are traditional and clean, we didn't have quite the ocean view we were hoping for but we loved spending time at the beach and at…

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Ted Fahey & Maryann Barefoot

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Justine Skillett & Alan Lamb

On a whole and without looking too closely, the hotel was nice and the location was beautiful. Unfortunately though, the hotel is old and tired and needs a major overhaul and refurbish done. The food was quite terrible and the prices of both food and drink were absolutely ridiculous.

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Mrs Julie van Weelden

The service was inconsistent. Everyone was friendly but the hotel didn't seem to have as much as a service oriented culture as our other two hotels. Prices were expectedly high....but $30 USD for water at dinner is excessive!

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Carla & Michael Woolley

This is luxury personified. Myself and Carla quite like a bit of atmosphere in resorts, meeting people by the bar etc and there isn;t any of this here. The rooms are so lovely, that people tend to stay in room alot. The food was very nice. Staff were very friendly and nmade a difference to the trip.

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Very very nice, luxury accomodation

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