Astove Atoll Experiences & Activities

A nature lover's paradise, Astove offers guests an array of matchless encounters. Fishing and diving options are exceptional and the choice of snorkelling trips are equally as impressive too. The skiff excursion is a thoroughly unique adventure where you can tell the guide what you want to spot and use their fountain of knowledge to ensure you see everything Astove has to offer. Whatever activities you choose, you'll have the expert knowledge of the guides to hand.

Snorkelling with sailfish and many other marine species at Astove Astove Atoll - some of the best diving in Seychelles High chances of seeing turtle hatchlings on Astove Atoll
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Astove - Complimentary Activities

Flats Lunch

The amazing Astove 'flats lunch' is a real treat - a dining experience like no other! As you sit in the ocean on the vast sand flats, seemingly miles from anywhere, you can relax as all sorts of marine species glide silently and gracefully by. A truly special place to enjoy a delicious lunch and ice cold drinks.

Seasonal Turtle Nesting Viewing

Astove has a huge population of nesting green sea turtles. Spend a captivating evening with a knowledgeable guide learning about these magnificent, but critically endangered, creatures and the conservation measures in hand. Hopefully you'll also see the amazing natural phenomenon of female turtles hauling themselves onto the same beach where their life began - a rare treat indeed!

Reef Flats Expedition

Travel the reef flats with an expert guide and see rich seagrass beds and crystal clear waters while searching for juvenile turtles, crab and molluscs. Venture to 'The Wall' to peer down into the blue depths and learn about the importance of coral reefs in the atoll ecosystem. See mind-blowing biodiversity on a macro scale.

De-tackling Drinks & Snacks

A social gathering with a difference! Every Sunday join the Alphonse Fishing Co. guides for a de-tackling gathering. While they de-tackle, enjoy drinks with fellow nature, fishing & dive partners to celebrate the week's achievements and learn even more amazing facts about this enthralling ecosystem.

Sundowners on the Beach

Relax with a cocktail or ice cold beer while watching a dazzling ocean sunset. Paradise personified!

Independent Activities

Once you get your bearings, the island is ideal for exploring independently. A number of running/walking paths twist through the island's natural vegetation while kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkelling are the perfect unobtrusive way to explore the coastline and lagoon while the riveting marine life passes by you below. Snorkelling equipment is complimentary.


An ideal, non-intrusive way of getting close to turtles and rays around the flats. The guided kayak tour with expert guide takes you to 'The Wall', a dramatic coral drop-off made famous by the marine biologist Jacques Cousteau back in the 1950's. Peer into the dark blue depths and spot countless turtles, fish, shark and ray. You can also take kayaks out to appreciate Astove at your own pace. Pack a picnic in a Yeti Cooler and when you find the perfect beach for a secluded lunch, sit back and take in undisturbed nature all around you.

Guided kayak tours or explore the flats independently Fly fishing on the flats at Astove Seychelles Nesting turtles and turtle hatchlings on the Astove beaches

Astove - Chargeable Experiences

Astove 'The Wall' Guided Snorkelling

'The Wall' is one of the premier dive sites in Seychelles, dropping vertically from 1 or 2 metres to over 50m. It is also possible, however, to snorkel above some of it and on this guided excursion you'll experience snorkelling like you've never done before. See soft coral covered walls and crevices and, due to the proximity to the open ocean, possibly encounter sharks and rays, as well as large grouper, snapper and tuna.

Paulie's Island Guided Snorkelling

A gem on the flats where you can snorkel in shallow, crystal clear water and come face-to-face with a variety of fish and spot crabs hiding in the nooks and crannies. There'll also be plenty of chances to see the enthralling site of elegant turtles swimming gracefully by.

Astove Lagoon Mangrove Nature Hike

A half day excursion with trained guide across the lagoon to see the variety of mangroves on Astove. Also spend time cruising the edge of the lower lagoon mangroves looking for bird life or watching for sharks. Be sure to disembark on a few of the islets to explore this unique habitat - an increasingly rare environment.

Atoll Skiff Excursion

Join knowledgeable guides on a truly unique and magical adventure - one of our favourites. Travel by skiff over the flats to the islets around the island and 'hop-on & hop-off' at different sights - venture up cliffs or sand dunes for a new perspective of the island's interior and enjoy breath taking views over the ocean. Expect to see a variety of shark species and turtles plus roosting seabirds. This can be a full or half day excursion and as the boat is yours, you'll be able to decide how far and wide you explore.

Blue Safari

Astove is a stopover for migrating Humpback Whales in season and home to resident Spinner dolphins. On this ocean faring tour you may have surprising encounters with other wildlife like leaping tuna or flying fish as well as seabirds too.

Scuba Diving

There's many great dive sites around Astove, with 'The Wall' often regarded as one of the best in the world. The reefs are covered in a forest of gorgonian and black corals extending to great depths. A broad range of sightings is almost guaranteed, from reef to pelagic fish, large predators and tiny macro life as well as turtles. All diving must be pre-booked in advance.

Flats Fly Fishing

Astove's has become synonymous with the largest flats-caught GT's in the Indian Ocean and one not to be missed for keen lovers of fishing. The shallow lagoon and small entrance, surrounded by sheer drop-offs makes this experience truly unique. The lagoon is a sanctuary for both juvenile and trophy-size fish that feed on the shallow sand flats. Try your hand on a full or half day of fly fishing with one of the experienced Alphonse Fishing guides.

Blue Water Fishing

Experience offshore fishing like never before. The structure and sheer drop-off's in the waters around Astove Atoll are home to a wide variety of blue water species such as sailfish, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna and dorado. Choose from either full or half day excursions and 'fight the reel'!

Exceptional diving at Astove The Wall Choose from a variety of nature treks lead by expert guides Superlative Blue Water Fishing in the waters around Astove Atoll

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