Cosmoledo Atoll Experiences & Activities

Witness amazing wildlife, on land and sea, that very few others have had the privilege of seeing, not surprising really, given the isolation of this tropical sanctuary. In fact, just being on Cosmoledo is an experience in itself. Nature and the ecosystem is at the very heart of everything on this atoll, all carefully protected by the dedicated team of experts who manage all that goes on. This is a place of irreplaceable, one-off activities, from diving and fishing to assisting with ongoing research projects. Here are our highlights.

Breath taking diving opportunities led by experts in Cosmoledo Learn to paddle board - one of the many activities on Cosmoledo See many endemic and migratory birds on Cosmoledo
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Cosmoledo - Complimentary Activities

Sundowners on the Beach

Relax with a cocktail or ice cold beer while watching picturesque sunsets over the ocean.

Flats Lunch

The special Cosmoledo flats lunch is an amazing treat - a dining atmosphere like no other. Revel in the sheer beauty of the flats whilst feasting on a delicious buffet and ice cold drinks.

Reef Flats Expedition

A superb chance to see all types of nature come together with mind-blowing biodiversity.Travel the inner reef flats of Cosmoledo with a knowledgeable guide and appreciate the untouched white sand, rich seagrass beds and crystal clear waters whilst spotting juvenile turtles, eels as well as crab.

De-tackling Drinks & Snacks

Every Wednesday, join the guides and team at the entertainment area for a social gathering. As they de-tackle, enjoy drinks while learning all about the highlights of the week.

Kayaks & Stand-up Paddle Boards

A guided tour with nature experts - the perfect, non-intrusive way to get up close to turtles and rays as they glide gracefully around the flats. Also spot seabirds and fishermen's delights such as bonefish and triggerfish. A picnic basket in the form of a Yeti Cooler can be organised for the guide to carry along.


Snorkelling around the flats and reef is simply stunning, so even if you are not a diver, you'll be rewarded with a mesmerising array of colourful tropical marine life. Choose from three guided trips, either the calm lagoon, the roller coaster drift through the mouth of the lagoon or explore the outer reefs. Snorkelling equipment is complimentary and available for all to use.

The incredible sand flats of Cosmoledo offer world class flats fly fishing Paddle board or kayak and see some of the diverse marine life in Cosmoledo's lagoon Dive, snorkel, fish or swim in the sparkling waters of Cosmoledo Atoll

Cosmoledo - Chargeable Experiences

Wizard Island Tour

A fascinating nature trek around the island on coastal trails as well as crossing open grassland to scale the impressive sand dunes to be rewarded with a panoramic views of the atoll. Discover about the early working life on Cosmoledo and learn about birdlife, fish and plants as you see every corner of this exquisite island. If you are lucky you may spot a nesting hawksbill or green turtle on the white sand beaches close to the camp.

Atoll Exploration Excursion

Join knowledgeable guides on an adventure like no other, learning, exploring and discovering all that the vast sand flats, islets and cays have to offer. Choose either full or half day excursions and decide how far and wide you would like to explore. Be prepared for encounters with a wide variety of species including sharks and turtles. By visiting several islets you'll learn all about the flora and fauna including spotting many birds endemic to this atoll group.

Flats Fly Fishing

Cosmoledo is renowned as one of the best giant trevally fisheries in the world and provides outstanding saltwater flats fishing experiences. The sheer numbers and variety of fish species has acted as a magnet to anglers from across the globe to sample this ultimate fishing playground. Try your hand on full or half day fly fishing with one of the experienced Alphonse Fishing guides.

Blue Water Fishing

Experience offshore fishing like never before. Due to the structure and sheer drop-offs, the unspoilt waters of Cosmoledo Atoll are home to a vast variety of blue water species such as sailfish, wahoo, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna and dorado. Full or half day excursions available.

Blue Safari Experience

Cosmoledo is both a home and stopping-off point for a variety of cetaceans including spinner dolphins and occasional melon-headed whales, Risso's dolphins, bottlenose dolphin and beaked whales. On this enticing trip you're also likely to spot manta rays, tuna and mating turtles amongst many marine species. Plus, look skywards for interesting seabirds such as petrels that are not often seen elsewhere.

Menai Mangrove Nature Trek

Half or full day excursions across the lagoon to the mangroves on Menai Island. Skirt the edges of this forest learning about the many species of mangroves as well as enjoying this top bird-watching spot, particularly red-footed boobies that roost in the tree tops. As the tide rushes in, don't be surprised if a curious sicklefin lemon shark lurks waiting for small prey to leave the shelter of the mangrove.

Scuba Diving

Take to the outer reefs that few others have seen and explore some of the most diverse areas of coral reef in the Seychelles. Expect to see snapper, grouper and reef fish in large numbers, as well as larger pelagic species, plus high chances of shark encounters too. Cosmoledo is suitable for divers with advanced or higher qualifications and must be pre booked.

Spa Therapies

A qualified masseuse works magic on tired bodies in need of special attention after either a full-on day or adventure and activity or simply those just wishing to relax and indulge. From head and shoulders to full body massages, treatments can be tailored to individual requirements.

Nature treks and excursions led by expert biologists and conservationists Discover a wide variety of bird species on Cosmoledo Unbelievable fly fishing and blue water fishing in Cosmoledo Atoll

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