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North Island Seychelles is renowned the world over as a luxurious private island paradise, where exceptional exclusivity, seclusion and privacy is matched with breathtaking natural beauty. As well as exquisite service and superbly appointed villas, however, the real essence of North Island is its sustainability and total commitment to restoring the natural ecology of the island.

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  • The ultimate 'barefoot luxury' tropical island paradise - often visited by the rich and famous
  • Unique 'no menu' concept - discuss your requirements with the chef each day and await his creations!
  • 11 individually-designed villas hand-crafted from the island's Takamaka wood and stone
  • Extensive and ongoing island rehabilitation programme - unique plants and endemic bird species
  • Flexible booking terms
  • Refundable deposit
  • 100% financial Protection
  • Tried & trusted by our clients
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
  • Emergency medical care

One of Seychelles' inner granite islands, North is situated 27kms north west of the main island of Mahé and 5.5kms north of Silhouette Island. Just 1500 square metres in size and rising to a height of 180 metres, this idyllic island is covered in lush tropical foliage and blessed with four stunning white sand beaches - the East and West beaches, Dive beach and Honeymoon cove.

History reveals that from the 1826 to the early 1970's, the island was a plantation for growing fruit, spices and copra. It fell into disuse when the copra market collapsed and the island's natural fauna and flora was overrun by other plant species and animals. In 1997 the island was purchased by its present owners who had the vision of returning the island back to its natural state - creating a sanctuary for Seychelles indigenous wildlife, preserving rare species and studying the island's unique ecosystem. At the same time, it would become an exclusive island paradise, but with guests positively encouraged to take part and understand the whole rehabilitation programme that is underway on North Island.

As well as having giant tortoises roaming freely and being a habitat for many rare species of birds, North Island has been at the forefront of a major turtle monitoring and protection programme since 1998. The endangered green turtles and hawksbill turtles have both had record-breaking nesting years in 2014 and 2015 with approximately 35 hatchlings of each species recorded. The island's resident environmentalist team also maintain their ongoing programme of tagging turtles; this allows greater understanding of turtle ecology from frequency of nesting to long distance ocean travel.

North Island provides the perfect truly luxurious island sanctuary for a Seychelles honeymoon or a family holiday in Seychelles.

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