Seychelles Experiences

Seychelles is famous the world over for its unique nature, wildlife and stunning white sand beaches. It's all too easy, however, to be seduced by the luxury amenities and activities offered within a resort, so we encourage you to step outside for a half or full day excursion to experience authentic local activities and culture, or simply to witness the amazing natural beauty of these incredible islands.

Local Creole Food Excursion - Seychelles Curieuse Island Seychelles - island excursion Ox Cart & Old House - La Digue Island Seychelles

Seychelles Highlights

  • Experience authentic Creole cuisine cooked by a local Seychellois family
  • Enjoy the thrill of a catamaran cruise around the beautiful inner islands of Seychelles
  • Escape to an uninhabited island for thrilling snorkelling and colourful marine life
  • Visit the Vallee de Mai UNESCO World Heritage site on Praslin island to see the world's largest seed, the Coco de Mer nut
  • Explore Seychelles as it used to be on an island tour of picturesque, laid-back La Digue
  • Discover more of Seychelles' unique nature and island habitats
  • Take an island-hopping boat excursion to experience the unique tropical nature and wildlife of Seychelles
  • On Mahe, sail along the north coast, trek through the forest, or take a private excursion along the coast to the quieter south
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Whichever main island you are staying on - Mahe, Praslin or La Digue - Mahlatini will tailor-make your preferred Seychelles itinerary or honeymoon. And, to enhance your Seychelles holiday experience, we are delighted to recommend and pre-book a variety of activities for you. From excursions to deserted islands packed with incredible nature, to a full day cooking & cultural tour on Mahe Island, we can help create even more memorable moments on your luxury Seychelles holiday.

Whatever time of year you plan to visit, talk to the Mahlatini experts for first-hand knowledge and to create your perfect Seychelles island-hopping itinerary. Here are a few of our favourite Seychelles Experiences.

Mahe Island Excursions

Back to Roots - Cooking & Cultural Tour - Mahe Island

A full day excursion on Mahe Island where you step inside the home of a Seychellois family for a truly hands-on introduction to cooking traditional Creole cuisine. Transfers and guide included.

First, visit the bustling main market in the capital Victoria (or a local village market) to see the impressive array of fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices - all used in Creole cuisine. Then head to a local coastal village to peruse the local fisherman's catch. After a scenic tour along the Mahe coast, arrive at a real-life home of a Seychellois family.

Help prepare the meal - perhaps grating coconut on a traditional blade bench or preparing the banana leaf wraps for the fish - before enjoying a memorable alfresco lunch with the family. You'll delight in Creole delicacies such as coconut curries, delicious grilled fish, Seychelles-style chutneys and salads including papaya, mango, moringa leaf and palm hearts (all depending on season). You'll also try yummy local chips made from Casava, banana or breadfruit.

Local Creole cookery excursion - Mahe Island Back Authentic cookery excursion - Seychelles

Peaks of Paradise - Mahe Island

Explore the untouched splendour of the north coast of Mahe Island on a guided trek through the Morne Seychelles National Park. The easy going 1½ hour hike takes you along a palm fringed path that meanders across the heights of the rocky coast, in between giant granitic boulders and lush forest. The walk ends at the beautiful and secluded Anse Major bay where you can board a boat and enjoy a leisurely sail back to the capital Victoria. This excursion is seasonal.

North coast of Mahe - Sail & lunch

If you prefer a leisurely cruise, you can enjoy a sail from the capital Victoria to Anse Major, soaking up the splendour of Mahé's north coast from the sea. Leaving Anse Major, the cruise then continues to the secluded Baie Ternay National Marine Park. Here you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing or feeding the fish in this natural aquarium. A delicious BBQ lunch is served on board, before the gentle cruise back to Victoria.

Full or half-day island tours of Mahe

Travel through lush forest and tea plantations along some of the most scenic routes in Seychelles. After a stop at the historic Mission Lodge, with its weathered ruins and awe-inspiring views of the coast below, head to the beach to enjoy a Creole Buffet in a local Seychellois restaurant. Soak up the breathtaking scenery of the many idyllic bays along the Southern coast before visiting an historic herb & spice garden. End the day with an insight into Creole culture and architecture by visiting a local village, viewing Creole houses, meeting local artisans making their crafts, plus an opportunity to purchase local souvenirs.

Praslin & La Digue excursions

Island Combo - Praslin & La Digue

An unforgettable full-day guided tour of two of Seychelles most enchanting islands - Praslin Island and La Digue, experiencing their unique character and breath-taking natural beauty. Praslin has the Vallée de Mai national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the endemic Coco de Mer palm grows and also home of the rare Seychelles Black Parrot. After a visit to this prehistoric forest - there is no other place like it on Earth - head to the world renowned Anse Lazio for a delicious Creole lunch and the chance to swim at this picturesque beach.

The culturally rich La Digue is a true island experience. Here, the main form of transport is bicycle! See the picturesque harbour and La Passe village, appreciate fine examples of Créole architecture, witness historical sites such as L'Union Estate, the Copra Mill and, of course, visit the world famous Anse Source d'Argent, one of the most photographed beaches in the world with its unique granite scenery.

Vallee de Mai on Praslin Island Anse Lazio beach Praslin-Seychelles Endemic Seychelles Magpie Robin

Unique island nature parks - full-day sailing excursion from Praslin

A fabulous sailing adventure from Praslin Island, hopping between the unspoilt islands of Cousin, Curieuse and St.Pierre. Starting at Cousin, this beautiful nature reserve and pristine ecosystem plays host to some of Seychelles rarest birds and other endemic species. Experienced guides will share all the secrets of this magical island with you.

Then sail to Curieuse Island National Park where a unique island eco-system awaits. Be guided along twisting paths through the mangrove swamps, dotted with giant crabs, as you make your way to a breeding population of Giant Tortoises. Anchored here, you'll also savour a delicious BBQ onboard. Finally, experience the tiny Isle St. Pierre and the chance to swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters and discover colourful marine life. After this, relax as you take a leisurely sail back to Praslin to end off the day.

Sister & Coco Islands - excursion from Praslin

Half-day or full-day excursions to experience superb snorkelling and swimming around these 'inner-island' gems. Discover a vast array of marine life as you enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Diving excursions can also be arranged here too.

A short boat ride from Praslin, you'll step onto one of Seychelles' finest beaches, located on the deserted (except for the warden and his wife) Sister Island. Explore the coconut plantation, relax on the beach, snorkel on the pristine reef or swim in the sea before enjoying a traditional Créole barbecue lunch. At Coco island, a small granite outcrop with a few palm trees, you'll be able to swim and snorkel at one of Seychelles' finest locations - a living aquarium filled with colourful marine life.

Petite Anse beach La Digue Seychelles Great snorkelling at Sister Islands Seychelles Sister Islands Seychelles

Escape to La Digue - full day excursion from Mahe & Praslin

Experience the laid back atmosphere of Creole island living on La Digue where the favoured mode of transport is the bicycle! La Digue is home to the Paradise Flycatcher, one of the rarest birds in the world and there's a good chance of sighting one on this tour. Let us make all the arrangements, including your bike hire, and choose from either your own tour at your own pace, or select a guided tour of the island.

For the guided tour, arrive at La Digue's quaint harbour before heading through La Passe village and along the narrow island streets to the historic L' Union Estate. This traditional Créole estate house sits amongst coconut palms and has a restored copra mill powered by an ox and an the old boatyard - all offering a unique glimpse of Seychelles' history. See also Anse Source d'Argent - the most photographed beach in the world - a nature reserve as well as the chance to see many other sublime, near deserted beaches. Lunch also included.

Be sure not to be too distracted, however, as you'll need to leave enough time to get back to the island's jetty to catch your return ferry to either Praslin or Mahe.

Sailing Excursions

Sailing & Catamaran Cruises - from Mahe and Praslin islands

Many regard these as perhaps the best way to discover these unique tropical islands. Choose from skippered or bareboat charters and sail the waters around the inner islands of Seychelles at your own pace.

If you fancy a skippered catamaran cruise around the inner islands of Praslin and La Digue with just a handful of other passengers, this could be your perfect choice. Cruises include 4 or 7-day options with plenty of time to relax on deck, swim, snorkel as well as time to go ashore to visit key sites and attractions. A particular highlight, however, is waking up in a deserted bay as your yacht gently bobs in the water.

Mahlatini can also tailor your sailing holiday to include 'Sail & Stay' options that combine your catamaran cruise with a hotel stay on either Mahe or Praslin islands both before and after your cruise. For example, have a few days at a hotel on Mahe, then take your catamaran cruise, before ending with a few days on a tropical island paradise such as Denis Private Island or the luxury Six Senses Zil Pasyon. This is a truly unique way to experience these stunning islands and we can tailor-make almost any Seychelles itineraries or hotel you wish to stay at. Please talk to one of our Mahlatini experts for further information.

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