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Robert & Deborah Hewitt

Blown away by the Arathusa. Everything was perfect - staff, food and safari drives

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Holly Maggio & Matthew Tharp

LOVE This hotel. Their newly renovated luxary rooms are amazing. We had originally requested a luxary room the entire time but at the time of booking only a standard was available. Suggest for future similar situations that a follow up with the hotel prior to departure to see if a luxary room is available. I asked on the last day and they were able to move…

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Megan Warech & Brandon O'Hara

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Miss Hanna Ellison

Staying at the Arathusa safari lodge was a highlight of our trip, when we arrived we were expecting quite basic accommodation but the lodge was amazing and not basic at all. The lodge we stayed in was stunning and this was just the standard lodge. The whole place had a great atmosphere and the food was amazing. I would definitely say you will not go hungry at Arathusa and…

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Ms Rose Marie Sime

I loved it. The only issue my sister had was that we - all the guests- were expected to eat together in one big communal dining table and that did not go well with my sister. I frankly did not care.

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Philip Awty

Amazing food, and brilliant drivers, guides and staff! The accommodation had lovely views over their lake and you never knew what you might see every meal.

28/11/2011 Read full trip review