Shakaland is a living museum showcasing traditional Zulu culture combined with authentic and comfortable accommodation. Built on the movie sets of Shaka Zulu and John Ross it offers guests the opportunity to watch a number of local customs, such as the beer drinking ceremony and spear making in the Umuzi (Zulu homestead). Guests stay in traditional beehive huts, all the while enjoying a range of modern luxuries. There is also a great bar and restaurant to enjoy with views across the Entembeni hills to take in before watching the Zulu dancing after dinner.

Guests can expect 55 en-suite beehive huts. Guests have a choice of twin, double standard and family rooms, which can accommodate up to 4 people. All rooms include a sitting area, satellite TV and tea and coffee making facilities. From the comfort of the rooms guests have great views over the nearby lake and the dramatic scenery of the area.

The property offers a number of cultural programmes and tours for guest to explore along with a range of facilities to ensure a stay is comfortable. The hotel restaurant, Shisa Nyama, serves up some delicious meals, complemented by a cool drink from the U Kamba Bar. A pool is located adjacent to the restaurant.

How to get to Shakaland

Shakaland is approximately 1 hour 30 minute drive from Durban.

Activities at Shakaland

The cultural tour showcases the beer drinking ceremony, fighting formations, the greeting of the home, the Sangoma, the Nyanga, social systems, bead making, spear throwing, beer production and pottery making.

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Mrs Georgina Burns


The rooms were OK, the children's room much better than ours. The huts were clean and well constructed but it was very cold at night and dark in the rooms so there was nowhere to sit together and just 'hang out'. Had we been booked in for just one night it would have been a good experience but once we had done the 1 hour 'staged tour' and watched the dance show there really was nothing to do at all. We were expecting an interactive experience where we would be able to do things and communicate with the people there (e.g. making jewellry, spears etc). The experience was very passive and the walk about the village tour very 'set up'. Sitting in a hut watching a video about Shaka was wierd and it just felt very staged and unreal. We were very disappointed because Claire had really encouraged us to do 2 nights there and we expected something much better from what she had told us about it in advance. On the other hand the setting was amazingly beautiful and we loved watching the sunset.

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Mr Alan Clifton


An experience but worth it!

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Mr Bill Woodcock


A poor man's Zulu Disneyland. The accommodation was not ready when we arrived. It did not have electricity or water when we arrived and was nothing like the photo in the brochure. After two hours we did get what we wanted but would not recommend to anyone. If there is such a thing as the opposite of a highlight, this was it. ( The pits ? )

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