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Client Score: 3
Kleins Camp

K. Kirby


We were unimpressed with Klein's Camp and I wouldn't recommend this specific camp for an experienced safari goer, as they will be let down. Everyone was nice, but there was nothing special about our experience and the staff did not seem eager to impress us. We were not aware that the camp ran on generator power. As someone coming from a country that runs on generator power, I wasn't pleased that I was on vacation and still had to be concerned with ample hot water and power issues. The food was ok, but the dining experience was lacking. While the camp was mediocre, the game in the Serengeti was fantastic. Our driver was ok, but needed work on interpersonal skills. I expected a driver that would enthusiastically share stories and facts, but our driver was very quiet and difficult to understand. The only thing I felt irritated about with regard to the game drives is that there were other vehicles that were not AndBeyond on the concession during our evening game drives. Our driver refused to tell them to leave even though I repeatedly asked. This made me speculate that the drivers all know each other and allow it. This irritated me because we were tracking lions and instead of 3 Andbeyond trucks, we had 6 trucks making for a crowded experience. I feel like we paid for a camp with a private concession so that we could have a more private experience. Overall, just mediocre, especially when compared to Bateleur Camp

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