Lake Natron Halisi Camp

Overlooking the shallow Lake Natron and found at one of the lowest points in Africa's famous Great Rift Valley lies Lake Natron Halisi Camp. The camp is set in 9 acres of land and offers a true wilderness experience, unique for its remoteness. Lake Natron is famous as the favoured breeding ground of the lesser flamingo, with the strong alkaline in the lake an excellent deterrent to predators, leaving the flamingos safe to find a mate. Guests can get close to the spectacle with walks along the lake flats.

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The camp features 6 walk-in tents lit by solar power and simply furnished with a bedside table and a luggage rack. Tents are fitted with either king, double or twin beds and possess a small area out front to sit and enjoy the surrounding tranquillity. The bathroom features a toilet, bush shower, mirror and sink. The main guest area is comprised of a dining, bar and lounge tent along with a cosy camp fire.

Aside from Lake Natron guests can visit the Engaresero waterfalls after a stunning gorge walk and bathe in the cool waters to escape the heat. Another place of interest is the towering Oldoinyo Lengai volcano, although still active guests can climb up its slopes. The volcano is unique as the only one on earth to spew black lava.

Getting There

This camp can be reached from Arusha but it is worth bearing in mind that a long drive may be ahead of you. However, if the camp is combined with Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater or the Serengeti the drive will be much shorter.


Viewing flamingo at Lake Natron, cultural interaction, climbing Oldoinyo Lengai volcano and swimming in the Engaresero waterfalls.

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