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The largest Lake in Africa, Lake Victoria's reputation precedes it. The vast lake is famous as the source of the River Nile, for its lengthy history with colonial explorers and for its excellent fishing. Visiting Lake Victoria from the Tanzanian side is far from the usual tourist track and affords a unique insight into a remote and lesser explored wilderness area, home to immense scenery and incredible wildlife.

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  • Renowned for excellent fishing opportunities, including Nile perch
  • Discover the largest lake in Africa
  • Exciting chimpanzee tracking at the tropical Rubondo Island
  • Learn about local Sukuma culture at the Bujora Sukma Museum
  • Escape to peaceful and uncrowded islands with beautiful beaches and scenery
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Throughout the 19th century western explorers attempted to confirm whether the lake was indeed the source of the Nile; the longest river in the world, something only achieved by Henry Morton Stanley in the late 1800's.

Aside from holding such famous accolades the lake is also well known as a fishing hotspot and home to a number of tropical species. With holidays to Lake Victoria take advantage of its abundant supply of large Nile perch which any budding fisherman can try their hand at catching.

Near the shores of the lake is Tanzania's second largest city, Mwanza, from which there are various excursions. The Bujora Sukma Museum, set just outside of the city, is a must visit destination to get in touch with the local Sukuma culture, while travelling to Ukerewe is equally rewarding. The largest island on Lake Victoria, the boat trip to reach Ukerewe is a great chance to become better acquainted with the lake while the island's pretty beaches and scenery recommend it for a visit.

For a slightly more exciting excursion the unique activity of chimpanzee tracking is on offer from tropical Rubondo Island along with the chance to see a number of other species. The stunning island National Park is every bit as under visited as it is beautiful and an escape to a peaceful, uncrowded paradise isle.

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