Tanzanian Wildlife Sighting Stories

February Cheetahs

Living up to its reputation as the 'cheetah destination in the Serengeti', Kusini Camp has produced some excellent cheetah sightings during the month of January. A group of guests from France came to camp with a burning desire to see cheetah and were well rewarded with an incredible sight after tracking down a group of three cheetah brothers resting. A small group of wildebeest came into view and the cheetahs instantly rose into a stalk; then the three cats exploded from cover to chase down the wildebeest. Instead of taking down a single wildebeest, spectacularly each brother successfully caught their own prey! It was an incredible display of hunting prowess and an amazing experience for all who witnessed it.

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June-July early rains

When East Africa experiences extended dry spells an early rain downpour in northern Tanzania can create a scene very much like the migration during the months of June and July, as wildlife from around the region follow the rains and the resulting vegetation. This has resulted in some fantastic early-season migration-style sightings and experiences.

October Great Migration

The Singita Grumeti Reserves in the plains of northern Tanzania are once again in the midst of an annual wildebeest migration. Huge numbers of wildebeest herds have begun returning from the northern Serengeti to join existing populations of topi, Thompson gazelle and zebra, and we've had some spectacular sightings with Mahlatini groups. Often during this time of year the main bulk of the thousands-strong herds are a little further north.

November Great Migration

Arguably one of nature's greatest sights is the wildebeest migration. The wildebeest have moved to southern Tanzania, with the herds followed closely by hungry predators. The old rivalries between the migrating wildebeest and cheetah, with predator going head-to-head with an equally dangerous prey, have created some spectacular and unmissable game sightings recently. This truly is an unforgettably dramatic event and one that our guests say they won't forget!