Semliki National Park Safaris

The lower-lying and more remote Semliki National Park is the Ugandan extension of the Congo's Ituri Rainforest. It's home to a vast array of colorful wildlife, some of which are found nowhere else in Uganda. Set at the base of the northern Rwenzori Mountains, the park is scenically beautiful and home to 35 Congolese bird species.

Wildlife Semliki National Park Birding Boat trip Semliki National Park
  • Exceptional bird watching including a variety of Congolese bird species
  • Home to rare species including pygmy antelope and water chevrotain
  • Encounter the rare and prehistoric shoebill stork
  • Track habituated chimpanzees at the spectacular Semliki Wildlife Reserve
  • Witness the incredible Sempaya Hot Springs
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While relatively small in size, at only 220sq km, the national park is packed full of surprises. With Semliki National Park safaris discover around 53 species of mammal, including a number of rare types of wildlife including the pygmy antelope and water chevrotain.

There are plenty of activities to uncover the secrets of the surrounding wilderness, the main means of exploration being walks and hikes. One of Semliki's most popular hotspots is the Sempaya Hot Springs; after an excellent walk through rich forest, with red-tailed monkeys overhead, watch in awe as water shoots from the ground up to 2m in the air.

Nearby, the spectacular Semliki Wildlife Reserve, which abuts Lake Albert, is one of the best localities for sightings of the enigmatic, swamp-dwelling shoebill stork. The reserve also possesses a community of about 70 chimpanzees, which have been habituated and can be tracked on a network of trails.

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