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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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Holiday to Kenya & Tanzania

Ted Siebenman, 15th November 2020
Overall Rating:

Beautiful and perfect

Countries Visited


“Beautiful and perfect”


“Beautiful and perfect”

Accommodation Visited

Kicheche Laikipia Camp

“Beautiful and perfect”

Kicheche Bush Camp

“Beautiful and perfect”

House of Waine

“Beautiful and perfect”


“Beautiful and perfect”

Staff Review

“We felt Steve was helpful up to us leaving for our trip. Once we were on planes and traveling and had issues, he was very slow to respond even though we were in the same time zone. Many of the problems and issues we had were pretty dire in our opinion and we needed help immediately. We would receive responses from him sometimes 8+ hours later and he stated he was having supper. We understand family time is important but when we are traveling internationally and need help and turn to Steve, we would have appreciated help. Thank goodness the reps from Chile and Peacock were responsive and helped us tremendously. Otherwise, the trip was beautiful, we loved everything we did and everywhere we stayed. Thanks to Steve.”

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