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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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Honeymoon to Seychelles

Linda Nguyen, 8th November 2021
Overall Rating:

We rarely stay in 5 star luxury resorts so we were blown away by the amenities provided at Constance Lemuria and Denis Private Island. It was a wonderful trip and there wasn't anything where we expected more of.

Linda Nguyen Review

Countries Visited


“Tropical! We've never seen turquoise water like that and it was so beautiful! The locals/tour guides were very friendly and getting around was straightforward. The water was overly salty and the sun hit hard! We weren't used to this before but we got a great tan from it!”

Accommodation Visited

Constance Lemuria Seychelles

“I'm going to give this property 5 stars for the customer service, food options, amenities, hotel premises, and the room. However, we wish we did full board accommodation because we didn't realize how expensive it was going to be paying out of pocket. We had to be stringent on some parts because of how ridiculously overpriced things were (ex: Evian water cost $14). In addition, their housekeeping/staff was really adamant about us posting TripAdvisor reviews where it became unnatural and forced. There was one night my husband and I were taking a bath and enjoying our champagne and housekeeping kept knocking on our door but didn't explain why they were there. We didn't request anything - I had to get out of the bath and rush to the door and I didn't get any acknowledgment that our time was inconvenienced. The staff knocked on our door just to give us water and to make sure to reach out if we needed anything. It was such an unnecessary gesture (albeit nice) but just not needed. I can tell this property brings in a lot of wealthy travelers who tend to complain a lot hence why they are very servant-oriented. I wish this property was more personable but it felt like they were our butlers and servants which we don't really need.

I'm not sure we'd stay here again because the service doesn't align with our personality. We love meaningful conversations and we pretty much did our own thing and didn't meet anyone.”

Denis Private Island

“Denis Private Island was much more personable and relaxed. We went with the flow here and it felt very natural. There wasn't any forced pressure to review their hotel after we left, they just encouraged us to come back whenever we were in Seychelles again. The bedroom, outdoor bathroom, and private access to the beach was a huge A++, it really did feel private! The guests were also friendly and welcoming, even though we didn't talk to many of them. Just them saying hello was appreciated. Food was delicious and staff was very friendly.”

Eden Bleu Hotel

“This was just a hotel to stay in and was close to the airport. Staff was nice but the room was dated. They didn't have trash liners in the bathroom can. They had loose wires hanging in the bathroom.”

Staff Review

“Natasha Morris customer service was excellent! She definitely provided better service than our safari agency. She was thorough, detailed, and informed us of COVID requirements. We would not have known all of this if it wasn't for her. Thanks so much for your superior customer service!!”

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