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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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Honeymoon to Maldives, South Africa, Zambia & Botswana

Naomi Harris & Adin Birchall, 17th September 2012
Overall Rating:

Everything was a highlight, we cant choose a favorite place! From staying at Monwana, to visiting the falls and doing the Devils Pool, then to Chobe and finally relaxing in the Maldives, we had a wonderful experience!

Countries Visited


“Hot and dry but great. Seeing all the animals in a different setting to South Africa was wonderful. The highlight for us here was seeing a pack or Lions stalk and kill a Sable.”

South Africa

“The weather during our stay was perfect! We didn't see much of South Africa expect the game reserve but from what we saw the people were all very friendly. Our experience staying at Monwana and going on our first safari was defiantly the highlight here.”


“Staying in Zambia and having time to relax whilst going on a few tours was great. Our highlight was doing the Devils Pool (and maybe for Adin, his bungee jump).”


“Paradise! So beautiful and all the staff are so friendly and accommodating! They ensured our stay was as pleasant as possible from the moment we stepped off the plane, to the moment we got back on! This included takign us for a tour around Male as our plane home was an 8 hr wait.”

Accommodation Visited

OR Tambo City Lodge

“Great for an airport hotel and very convenient”

Monwana Game Lodge

“Cant fault them or their staff! Everything was perfect.”

“Had a few problems with them when I got sick with trying to get a refund for the tour we had booked (the not getting back our money wasn't the issue, but the lack of interest was a bit off putting). Other then that the accommodation was great and the river cruise provided was fantastic.”

“Food was fantastic. The accommodation (tents) was a great experience.”

Lily Beach Resort & Spa

“Beautiful! Just like the pictures. When I imagine a beach paradise, this is what I imagined! The over the water villa was sensational.”

Staff Review

“Excellent! Always quick to respond to our questions and help us in anyway possible.”

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