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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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vacation to Kenya

Dorothy White, 2nd July 2023
Overall Rating:

We had a magnificent trip and I (Nick) feel that the combination of Dot and Mahlatani's planning could not have led to a more fruitful, magical experience. Each of the safari experiences was unique and exciting. The other thing worth highlighting here is that the safari guides are the most important part of the experience and are the heart of everything that made this trip unforgettable. Chege (Joseph), Albert, and Antony were all world-class guides and they are the most indispensable and valuable part of their safari camps/companies.

Accommodation Visited

Elewana Tortilis Camp

“Our favorite of the three safari camps! The staff from the top to bottom were friendly and welcoming. Particular thanks to Tina (Bob), one of the general managers who was understanding and kind, Gohu (Donald), our funny, receptive, and warm server, Letema, our incredibly friendly butler, and to Chege, whose wisdom and kind, patient charm made for an incredible first stop on our safari tour. We learned so much, ate so well, and also had an incredible massage. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the dik-dik around camp are sweet and charming company. From gate to gate and top to bottom, Tortilis is one of the best travel residences I have ever stayed in and we would be thrilled to visit again.

Meanwhile, Amboseli is famous for Kilimanjaro and elephants, and while both were evident and awe-inspiring (especially the elephants), I was also struck by the diversity of species of mammals and birds we were lucky to see. I do think it is worth informing visitors in advance that they will need cash for the Maasai village trip (both to get in and for souvenirs), but the village visit was also a worthwhile part of our trip.”

Elewana Elsa's Kopje

“Elsa's Kopje is a charming camp, with a beautiful layout and gorgeous pool. We were lucky to have a wonderful server here as well, Kenoti (Morris), who was caring and attentive. The room/tent was the most impressive of the three, with a large space and beautiful design. It is worth noting that it was quite hot both during the day and at night, as this is north of the equator, meaning it was summer rather than winter. We saw many incredible species as well, and while it was comparably hard to spot animals compared to the other two locations, it was fascinating to watch animals in different environments. The rhino conservancy also offers an opportunity we did not have at either of the other two camps. We are deeply appreciative of the extra effort the staff made (an additional mention for John, the new assistant GM who was very attentive and friendly); particularly when they helped to make Dot's birthday special with a unique dinner location and beautiful song and cake. Lastly, we must make mention of the hysterical and omnipresent rock hyrax, who, along with lizards and spurfowl, were all around the lodge and made for a memorable experience.”

Elewana Sand River Masai Mara

“Sand River is another beautiful camp, and we enjoyed our room very much. The highlight, though, was Maasai Mara and Antony, an incredible guide and gifted driver, who made it seem like anything was possible in a given day on the Mara. I am forever grateful for the efforts he made so that I could see Olanyuk and Winda, the two remaining cheetah brothers in the Mbili Bora clan, fulfilling a lifelong dream to see cheetahs in the wild. He was fun, knowledgeable, open to our interests, and flexible. He and Chege were the two most important factors in making our trip incredible!

An additional note on the balloon safari experience, which was unforgettable and highly worth doing. Ellie was an incredible pilot who got us airborne in high winds, and the view from above was something we will always remember fondly.”

Palacina The Residence & The Suites

“See above (we stayed here at the start as well).”

Staff Review

“Caroline was responsive and personable, sharing her individual experiences in a way that helped us feel confident in the trip that we had planned. We will certainly remember that Mahlatani was the company we used for this trip, which truly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Thank you!”

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