Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

As scenically beautiful as it is exclusive, a Laikipia Plateau safari offers an invigoratingly wild landscape alive with the highest concentration of large mammals in Kenya. Expect large elephant herds, incredible plains game and big cats populating this enormous area of wilderness. Including both Lakipia's private and community owned areas the conservancy stretches a massive 9,500km².

kayaking safari Zebra Dawn view of Mount Kenya
  • A massive 9,500km²area of private and community owned conservancies
  • Home to rare and endangered species, including the black rhino
  • Unique experiences such as starbeds to sleep beneath the stars, camel safaris, walking and quadbiking.
  • Captivating cultural diversity with Maasai and Samburu people
  • Some of the highest concentration of large mammals in Kenya including elephant, Oryx and big cat numbers
  • Flexible booking terms
  • Secured deposit
  • 100% financial protection
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
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  • Emergency medical care

Some of the sanctuaries within Lakipia are rightfully quite famous, Ol Pejeta being one of the more illustrious and easily reached by visitors. Renowned for its work with black rhino, Ol Pejeta is the largest sanctuary for the critically endangered creatures in all of East Africa, cementing it as a conservation hotspot. The Lewa Conservancy is also noteworthy. Aside from a population of rhino, cheetah and the world's biggest population of Grevy's zebra, fantastic wildlife sightings are accompanied by a unique archaeological site dating back some 800,000 years.

Lakipia's exclusive lodges and private reserves pride themselves on providing a luxury experience unique to the rest of Kenya, offering superbly managed accommodation and activities, such as night drives, horse riding and guided walks, that aren't possible in official reserves.

For a true off the beaten track experience Lakipia's northern sector is by far the most remote section of the Plateau. Denser wilderness and the chance to explore on foot characterise this area - the chance to view lion, elephant and other big game outside of a vehicle is incredibly exhilarating and certainly a highlight.

The rich culture of the Samburu people is not to be missed; their traditions and colourful way of life is best absorbed with a visit to the small town of Maralal - the unofficial capital of this captivating tribe.

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