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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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Holiday to Zambia

Mariya Pylypiv, 23rd September 2023
Overall Rating:

Reflecting on our trip to Zambia, I feel a deep sense of awe and gratitude. The stunning landscapes, rich wildlife, and warm cultural experiences were incredible. Each day was a new adventure, leaving us with cherished memories and an eagerness to explore more of Africa. The journey was not just a vacation, but a life-enriching experience.

Mariya Pylypiv

Accommodation Visited

Thorntree River Lodge

“Thorntree River Lodge was an exceptional experience, deserving a top rating. Its unique location near Victoria Falls offered a blend of serene river views and exciting wildlife encounters. The ability to participate in activities like rhino walks added a special touch to our stay. The staff's friendliness and attentiveness greatly enhanced our experience.

One of the most remarkable aspects was the wildlife coming to our hotel area. We were delighted by visits from elephants, zebras, bushbucks, warthogs, impalas, baboons, and hippos, creating a truly immersive experience. Although I didn't personally see the monkeys known for their playful theft, their presence added to the lodge's charm.

The lodge itself is a haven of tranquility, beautifully blending into the Zambezi River's banks. Its design celebrates local culture with a contemporary twist, offering comfortable and eco-conscious accommodations. The infinity pool merging into the river horizon and the sunken boma for evening gatherings were particularly memorable. The lodge's commitment to community and the environment, along with its array of activities, from river cruises to cultural visits, makes it an outstanding choice for any traveler.

Thorntree River Lodge not only provided a luxurious stay but also a holistic experience that connected us deeply with the natural and cultural beauty of Zambia.”

Lolebezi Safari Lodge

“Lolebezi Lodge earns an exceptional rating for its unique features and the incredible wildlife experience it offers. Situated on the Zambezi River, the lodge provided a front-row seat to a spectacular display of animal interactions, especially during our visit in the dry season of October. Watching a diverse array of animals like elephants, hippos, crocodiles, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs, baboons, buffalo, and zebras coexist and interact near the riverbeds was captivating.

The most memorable sights included observing elephant families drinking water alongside hippos and crocodiles in the river, and witnessing lion families hunt, baby leopards with their mother, and a tribe of wild dogs in action. The abundance of wildlife around Lolebezi was truly remarkable, with frequent visits from elephants, baboons, hippos, and even leopards near our cottages.

Canoeing on the Zambezi River was an unparalleled experience. Viewing lions, hippos, crocodiles, leopards, baboons, various birds, impalas, and elephants from the river offered a unique perspective, adding an element of adventure and excitement.

Lolebezi Lodge itself is a blend of luxury and wilderness. The lodge's design maximizes the stunning river frontage, offering breathtaking views from the comfort of our rooms. The private plunge pools and thatched Salas added a touch of exclusivity to our stay. The lodge's commitment to sustainability and its family-friendly environment further enhanced our experience.

In summary, Lolebezi Lodge provided a luxurious, wild, and remote experience, perfectly capturing the essence of the African bush and its wildlife. The attentive and welcoming atmosphere made our stay unforgettable. I would strongly recommend Lolebezi to anyone seeking an extraordinary safari experience in Africa.”

Staff Review

“Caroline Groeneveldt and the Mahlatini team provided exceptional service, fully deserving a five-star rating. They expertly accommodated all our preferences, budgets, and timelines, ensuring a seamless and personalized travel experience. Caroline's attention to detail and responsiveness were particularly noteworthy, making our journey unforgettable. Their dedication and expertise in tailoring unique travel experiences were evident throughout our trip.”

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