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98% Client Satisfaction Rating
98% Client Satisfaction Rating
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holiday to Kenya & Seychelles

Anonymous, 11th December 2023
Overall Rating:

We had a great time but Raffles in Seychelles (where we had reserved for 4 nights) was not great and thus made the trip a little less than stellar.

Accommodation Visited

Hemingways Nairobi

“Nice, however, not sure if it's worth the price.”

Cottar's 1920's Safari Camp

“We loved our experience here; it was the best service we have had in our lives.”


“We loved our experience here; it was also the best service we have had in our lives.”

Giraffe Manor

“We loved our experience here; the hotel itself was the best hotel we stayed in during our trip. We had a wonderful time.”

Raffles Praslin Seychelles

“After going on safari, where the food was incredible at every meal and service was impeccable, Raffles was a stark contrast with its poor service. It was also teeming with kids running around, creating a less-than-romantic atmosphere for a honeymoon. The dining experience was consistently bad at each of their restaurants; service was basically nonexistent. For example, one time Christian would have liked to order something else, but he couldn't because it was so difficult to get a server's attention, even though we were literally the only couple in the restaurant and the servers were doing all their side work. Prices for everything not covered by the half board were sky-high. The Raffles property is also secluded, meaning that you would need to exit the property and take a taxi for over 15 minutes to get anywhere, so it's not like you can just walk down the street and go to a different restaurant. When management asked for our honest opinion and we told them, they were very nice and tried to make things better for us, which was kind of them. They offered us a Raffles tote bag and a coupon for two free nights that could be used in the future (although I would never return here nor recommend this to anyone). The villa was nice and private but did have a lot of ants. I really regret going here, especially for the price. It would have been better to choose a small luxury hotel on La Digue; just something smaller with more personal attention and better food would have made all the difference.”

Mango House Seychelles

“Food was excellent, service was good, and they had lots of nice little perks on Christmas day. The room strongly smelled like mildew unless the doors were all open, thus letting mosquitos in.”

Staff Review

“We had a great experience with Katarina! The one thing that I would request is that she not recommend Raffles to future couples.”

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