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Nyungwe Forest National Park is 1,000sq km of protected, rare montane forest and unrivaled biodiversity. This tropical forest, with a high canopy, is situated in the southwest of Rwanda and is home to more than 13 primate species, 240 tree species, 140 orchid species, hundreds of butterflies, and 275 bird species. Nyungwe is stated as the 'most important site for biodiversity conversation in Rwanda' by Birdlife International for its many species, and a thrilling destination for any nature lover.

Black and white colobus sighting on a Nyungwe Forest National Park safari in Rwanda Waterfall in Nyungwe  Forest National Park in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda - Photo from Facebook Fan page
  • Experience a thrilling and scenic canopy walk amongst treetops
  • Abundance of wildlife, including colorful bird and butterfly species
  • Chimpanzee trekking and other incredible hiking trails
  • Discover rich rainforest scenery with rare montane forest
  • Home to 20% of African primate species
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  • Secured deposit
  • 100% financial protection
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
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Mammals are also prevalent, representing 20% of the African total of primate species. The black and white colobus monkeys are found in groups of up to 400 individuals which is almost 10 times the maximum group size recorded anywhere else. It also hosts a large population of chimpanzees and two other threatened species of monkeys; the owl faced monkey and reported but unverified sightings of the golden monkey. A family holiday in Rwanda that includes the Nyungwe Foest National Park is a wonderful way to show children the vastness of the African forest and how important these species are to it.

The numerous hiking trails are ideal for primate trackers, botanists, bird-lovers and those looking for an active honeymoon in Rwanda. Whilst access is easy once you begin walking you will soon realise just how big the forest is. Towering above you are old mahoganies, ebonies and giant tree ferns with orchids clinging to every branch. Walks in the forest last from one to six or seven hours and you can arrange to track chimpanzees.

The people of the region have sustained their rich and diverse heritage with many examples of song, dance, music, cuisine, handicrafts and artisanal skills that make for a fascinating complement to the nature side of a trip to this part of Africa.

Another exciting part of a Nyungwe Forest National Park safari is the recently opened canopy walk, the only one of its kind in East Africa. This is a wonderful vantage point to view the incredible biodiversity of this rare forest.

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