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One of the last refuges for the rare mountain gorilla, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is an area of untamed beauty. Teeming with captivating wildlife and rare flora, the rich biodiversity found in this lush jungle is regarded as one of the best in Africa. Dense and ancient, the deep river gorges and high ridges have remained forested for millions of years, ensuring Bwindi lives up to its impenetrable status.

Gorilla Gorilla trekking Romantic setting
  • Track the critically endangered mountain gorilla
  • Abundance of wildlife, including bird and butterfly species
  • Meet the indigenous Batwa, Uganda's oldest living ethnic group
  • Walk through the the lush and dense tropical rainforest
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  • Secured deposit
  • 100% financial protection
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
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The forest has at least 90 mammal species, 350 species of birds, 324 types of tree, a huge number of butterflies and, perhaps its defining feature, around half the world's population of mountain gorillas. The largest living primates, the great apes are endangered as a result of poaching and deforestation. Although big steps have been taken to conserve the species the threat of extinction still remains, so tracking these rare creatures is incredibly moving and certainly one of the most amazing wildlife experiences in the world. In order to track mountain gorillas in the wild be prepared for a potentially arduous day that could last from around a 15 minute walk to an 8 hour trek; the terrain is hilly, very muddy and can involve scrambling through dense vegetation.

Although gorilla tracking is the main focus of any visit, there are numerous other activities to explore in the area. Several forest trails ranging from a half hour stroll to several hours hard walking are on offer and the chance to meet the local people lends an authentic insight into Batwa life. The Batwa are Uganda's oldest living ethnic group and a tour usually concludes in an energetic display of cultural dance.

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