Holidays to the Eastern Highlands

Along the eastern side of Zimbabwe on the border of Mozambique lies a mountain range known as the Eastern Highlands. Stretching for 300km the Eastern Highlands are the combined name for 3 ranges of hills and mountains which include: the rolling countryside and tea plantations of Nyanga Mountain in the north, the coffee plantations and green meadows of Bvumba Mountain in the centre of the country and the granite spikes of the Chimanimani Mountains in the south.

Scenery view-of-the-castle Eastern Highlands
  • The Bvumba Botanical Gardens
  • The hot springs of the Save River Valley (the valley of baobabs)
  • The scenically diverse Chimanimani Mountains which is a destination for dedicated hikers
  • A magnificent 300km long mountain range
  • Nearby tea and coffee plantations
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This mountain range is cooler and wetter than its underlying areas. As a result the area is lush and rich with safari animals. It is also undeveloped and sparsely populated making it a peaceful place to visit.

Embark on beautiful scenic drives or fantastic walking trails to truly take in the breathtaking scenery of the Eastern Highlands. With great landscapes and short distances to travel, holidays to the Eastern Highlands should definitely be included in visits to Zimbabwe. There is also plenty to keep you busy including hiking, swimming, golf, fishing and horseriding. Shopping is also on the cards with the most popular buys being local artifacts, sculptures and knitwear. You will be welcomed by the local Shona and Ndebeli tribes who let you into their interesting way of life.

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