Giving back and never giving in

We are passionate about Africa and do what we can to help support its people, protect its environment and preserve its wildlife. Donations, fund-raising and work-in-kind go some way to support communities and fight poachers. We realise it's a big job and that we are a small contributor. But it isn't tokenism or ticking a box. It's from the heart and soul of everyone who works for us and with us. One way we help is by enrolling our safari customers with Save The Rhino. The initial membership is funded by us to support the charity's incredible work. Hopefully they will all be inspired by what they've seen on their trip to believe there's an Africa worth protecting from those who illegally exploit its resources.

Our nominated charities

Save the Rhino

We've been proud partners of Save the Rhino since 2013 and share a joint vision that all rhino species will thrive in the wild for future generations. Through our bespoke Survive programme we enrol our safari customers and fund their initial membership to support the charity's incredible work. Hopefully they will all be inspired by what they've seen on their travels to believe there's an Africa worth protecting from those who illegally exploit its resources and engage on a long-term basis.

"We are thrilled to be working in collaboration with Mahlatini to raise vital funds and awareness for global rhino conservation efforts. Since 2013, Mahlatini has helped us raise more than £12,500 through donating auction prizes, purchasing merchandise, and clients' Survive memberships. Their support is vital in helping us achieve our ambitious vision of seeing all five rhino species thriving in the wild." Michaela Butorova, Fundraising Officer, Save the Rhino International.

Watch our impact video to learn more:

Save the Rhino Video

One Tree Planted

Mahlatini is passionate about conserving our beautiful planet for future generations. We are conscious of the potential impact of long-haul travel, which is why we launched our own carbon-offsetting initiative in 2020 with our nominated charity partner - One Tree Planted.

For every client travelling with Mahlatini, we will fund the planting of one tree in reforestation projects across Kenya and Rwanda. The focus is on rebuilding animal habitats, restoring soil and critical watersheds, all while improving the lives of the communities who rely on the forests most. These reforestation projects also work to educate farmers on the benefits of improved forestry practices, providing communities with sustainable sources of food, wood, and income.

The team at Mahlatini frequently revisit our favourite African destinations. To balance out our own carbon footprint, we will naturally also plant a tree for every staff flight through our One Tree Planted partnership. A small step in the right direction to limit climate change impacts.

Who are One Tree Planted?

Pack for a Purpose

When you Pack for a Purpose, the trip you take goes farther than the miles you travel.

The vision behind this charity is simple - enabling people fortunate enough to travel to other countries to make meaningful contributions to the places and local communities they visit. We support our clients by identifying the best items to add to their luggage and work with our suppliers to ensure that these are distributed to those most in need.

"Pack for a Purpose is delighted to be a long-established partner with Mahlatini. Our partnership allows us to grow the number of Pack for a Purpose travelers who make a positive impact in the African communities they visit. We are delighted to provide Mahlatini's clients with the information they need to make their life's great journeys even more meaningful." Rebecca Rothney, Founder and Chairperson, Pack for a Purpose.

Pack for a Purpose works closely with another charity we support, Children in the Wilderness, in some of our key destinations such as Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Zambia. In partnership, the pipeline of our clients' packed goods (toys, clothing, school supplies) are delivered to the local schools to directly benefit the children.

How can I Pack for a Purpose?

Coins for Change

Coins for Change has been assisting Maasai boys and girls in Amboseli, Kenya for the past ten years. The charity's mission has been to build the educational skills of poor, marginalized Amboseli children enabling them to improve their quality of life and that of future generations.

Mahlatini has supported the charity's child sponsorship programme since 2012. Almost 95% of Amboseli children go to state schools that have up to 80 students in a classroom, few books and often uncertified teachers. Our sponsorship supports students' education at private boarding schools which directly impacts their future prospects and helps break the cycle of poverty.

Meet Lepapa, who we have sponsored since he was 12 years old. The Mahlatini team regularly send letters to Lepapa to help improve his English and build his understanding of the world beyond Amboseli.

For more information on these charities or to donate / support directly: