Aberdare National Park, Kenya

Part of the Kenyan highlands, the scenically diverse Aberdare National Park lies north of Nairobi and offers an inviting slice of Kenyan wilderness with a cooler climate, distant views of Mount Kenya, lush montane forest and countless species of unique wildlife. Rare sightings include those of the black rhino, giant forest hog and African wild cat to name a few.

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  • Thrilling activities including nature hikes, game drives and horseback safaris
  • Treehouse and starbed experiences
  • Witness the critically endangered black rhino in its natural habitat
  • Dramatic mountain scenery including lush forests and sweeping ravines
  • Excellent buffalo and elephant herd sightings
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  • 100% financial protection
  • Stringent safety & hygiene standards
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With a Aberdare National Park safari discover a fertile land of thick montane forest that covers an area of 767 kmĀ², and shares many noteworthy attributes with neighbouring Mount Kenya National Park, wildlife being a main facet. Fauna is extremely varied, ranging from the rare and elusive bongo antelope and endangered black rhino to the giant forest hog and Harvey's red duiker. Forest monkey, such as black and white colobus and Sykes monkey can also be spotted, along with larger species including leopard and baboon. Birding is a fruitful affair with over 200 species recorded; avian fans can look forward to sightings of pretty mountain yellow warbler, the distinctive golden-winged sunbird and Hartlaub's turaco.

To explore the park a range of activities are on offer, all of which are exciting in their own way and all of which provide a different insight into Aberdare. Take on treks which could vary between nature walks and mountain hikes, indulge in a traditional game drive or enjoy horse riding through the wilderness. There are few accommodations found within the park but those that are offer a comfortable and excellent base from which to explore.

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