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If you're seeking a truly bespoke luxury Seychelles holiday in an unspoilt paradise, one protected by a dedicated team of ecologists and biologists, but where you can actively take part in conservation programmes as well as immerse yourself in exceptional experiences that are hard to encounter anywhere else in the world, Blue Safari Seychelles offers the perfect opportunity.

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Discover the magnificence of Alphonse Island and its neighbouring islands in the Amirantes group, as well as the captivating atolls of Astove and Cosmoledo. Explore these remote, pristine outer islands of Seychelles, between 250 to 600 miles south-west of the main island of Mahe , all rich in extraordinary marine life, flora and fauna. Enjoy world-class diving and fishing to nature treks across the vast sand flats and even snorkelling with sailfish.

Guided by experts in every field, there's an array of diverse experiences, all carefully crafted by the Blue Safari Seychelles team to ensure there is little or no damage to these delicate environments which you'll co-habit with nature for a few days. These are places where you can completely switch off and enjoy the solitude - where connectivity to electronic devices is replaced by inter-connectivity with the unique and stunning natural surroundings and exceptional experiences on offer.


The main activity camp on Cosmoledo Atoll Accommodation on Alphonse includes lovely Beach Suites Discuss the adventures of the day at the Beach Bar on Alphonse

Accommodation is available at three locations. Alphonse Island, the primary choice, offers the largest selection including Beach Bungalows and Beach Suites, the latter sleeping 2 adults & 2 children. New for 2020, several larger Beach Villas with private plunge pool sleep up to 8 adults and 4 children. Astove and Cosmoledo Atoll's, both much further afield than Alphonse, are more suited to couples. On Astove, accommodation is within the refurbished Coral House, while on Cosmoledo, eight Eco Pods blend in with the natural wilderness and offer spectacular ocean vistas and a truly unique experience.

It is also possible to twin your visit to Alphonse with a stay at a luxury Seychelles resort on Mahe island as part of a tailor-made Seychelles island-hopping itinerary.

Exceptional Experiences

Guided nature walks across the lagoon with expert guides The amazing flats lunch is an experience that you won't forget Some

The remoteness of these islands and atolls, even by Seychelles standards, coupled with their delicate ecosystems, allow guests to immerse themselves in the extraordinary natural beauty of this pristine tropical paradise. These are truly places for lovers of the great outdoors. The underwater world around the islands cannot help to inspire and excite - from coral reefs teeming with colourful creatures to spectacular sand flats and lagoons. Of course, there are also many relaxing experiences to indulge in should you be seeking a gentler pace. For families, Alphonse would be the most suitable.

A specially crafted programme of experiences and excursions with expert guides is available on Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo - perfect for interacting with their exceptional habitats. Some of these are complimentary, while others are individually tailored to your personal requirements. A few highlights include: world-class fly fishing; spectacular 'flats' lunches on the sand flats; sensational diving including Astove 'The Wall'; snorkelling that's out of this world with the chance to swim with sailfish and turtles; guided atoll skiff explorations for encounters with marine life and birds; as well as many fascinating nature treks. On Alphonse, there's also a selection of barefoot luxury moments from private dining experiences to picnic lunches on deserted islands.

Immerse yourself in nature

The islands and atolls that form part of the Blue Safari Seychelles experience are rich in fauna and flora, with an assorted array of aquatic mammals and fish. There are also over 180 different species of birds inhabiting the islands, including seabirds and waders. On land, you'll encounter the Seychelles giant Aldabra tortoises (the oldest living creatures on earth) roaming freely, while in the sea, there'll be chances to witness hawksbill and green turtles swimming majestically in the azure waters. If you are very lucky, you may also see turtles nesting on the beaches and even glimpse turtle hatchlings as they make their perilous 'dash' to the ocean.

Best snorkelling

For non-divers, the waters around all the islands and atolls are crystal clear, particularly across the sand flats, with abundant shoals of brightly-coloured fish, over 1000 different species in fact, as well as turtles, manta rays, spinner dolphins and even sailfish. The amazing underwater scenery is best witnessed on a snorkelling safari and includes untouched coral reefs - a wonderful experience in itself.

Greatest diving

There's a wide variety of dive sites awaiting exploration in the waters of Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo, suitable for divers of all levels. These include sheer drop-offs covered in soft corals and hard coral plateaus, both home to varied fish populations and a diverse ecosystem - a real spectacle for the underwater enthusiast. A particular highlight is Astove 'The Wall' which drops from 2 to 50 metres, and first filmed by Jacques Cousteau in the 1950's, but still acknowledged as one of the best in the world.

Whether you are an advanced diver, or wish to learn for the first time, Blue Safari Seychelles has an experienced dive team with vast knowledge of the sites. Children can also be taught to dive, the best location being Alphonse.

Simply the best Fly Fishing

This is quite some accolade, but it's why fly anglers from around the world head here. The expansive flats surrounding Alphonse, Astove and Cosmoledo provide an experience of a lifetime. Tens of thousands of acres of pristine sand flats provide easy wading and are home to huge populations of bonefish, three types of triggerfish, Bluefin trevally, barracuda, snapper, grouper and parrotfish... to name but a few.

To help guests have the ultimate fishing experience, an international team of guides and boat captains are on hand to share their passion for this unique fishery and its environment. Blue Safari Seychelles has a strict catch and release policy and also has various monitoring and research programmes to ensure the waters are fished responsibly and remain in a pristine condition.

Blue water fishing

The waters of these outer islands of Seychelles offer the most incredible variety of blue water fish species. Sheer drop-offs are perfect for attracting species such as sailfish, wahoo, dorado and yellowfin tuna and provide a superb challenge for anglers. To help preserve the marine life, the conservation policy operated by Blue Safari Seychelles means that no conventional angling is permitted inside the lagoon, next to, or on the reef that surrounds these pristine islands.

Making a difference - conserving & protecting

Giant tortoise conservation on Alphonse Turtle monitoring and conservation in Seychelles Bird conservation and protection in Alphonse and Cosmoledo

As well as offering a unique range of experiences and excursions, Blue Safari Seychelles is totally committed to conserving and restoring the breathtaking natural beauty and irreplaceable environment of these outer islands and atolls of Seychelles.

In partnership with the Island Conservation Society (ICS), various long-term projects and monitoring programmes are underway and include: vegetation restoration, monitoring of sea turtles, seabirds and fish populations, coral reefs protection and renovation, plus other research projects. In addition, there are regular beach clean ups and ongoing reporting of sustainable conservation issues.

Blue Safari Seychelles supports the ICS and also the Alphonse Foundation by contributing essential funds through the use of compulsory guest conservation donations. These are currently set at $175 per adult for a 7-night stay and will be added to your invoice. Guests are able to participate in selected projects and monitoring programmes taking place during their stay. Read our Blue Safari Blog for more details about the various conservation projects and how you can help.

Sensational and memorable diving and snorkelling experiences in Alphonse Relax with a sundowner and enjoy the breath taking views Adults and children can learn to dive on Alphonse

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We can also tailor twin-centre itineraries combining African Safaris with Alphonse Island Seychelles. Please speak to one of the Mahlatini experts for more details and to discuss your specific requirements.

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