The weather in Seychelles

Situated just south of the equator, the Seychelles has a reliable tropical climate. It is generally hot and humid throughout the year, with temperatures averaging 28-29°C. This means a holiday in Seychelles can be taken at almost any time of the year.

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There are generally two seasons in Seychelles, mainly governed by the wind direction. From May to September, trade winds blow from the southeast and temperatures tend to be ever so slightly lower; during this period, some south and east facing beaches are prone to more seaweed. Between December and March, northwest trade winds bring more heavy spells of rain, along with warmer weather. However, even during these 'wetter' months, Seychelles weather changes quickly and there is still usually around 6 hours of sunshine daily.

April and October (often referred to as transition months) tend to offer hot temperatures with slight breezes and calm seas. The sea is at its most choppy in July and August.

It is worth noting that since Seychelles is located in the tropics, rain is possible at any time of year, hence the lush green vegetation, but normally only in fairly short sharp showers. However, please bear in mind the climate in Seychelles can vary between different islands; for example, the flatter outer coral islands such as Denis and Desroches, usually have less rainfall than the main inner 'granitic', mountainous islands, such as Mahe, Praslin and Silhouette. The Seychelles is situated outside the cyclone belt. You can read more about the different Seychelles islands and their attractions in order to help plan your ideal Seychelles island-hopping holiday - the best way to see the diverse nature and geography of these beautiful islands.

Seychelles Holidays - best times to visit...

Here is a general guide for the best times to visit for some of Seychelles' popular activities:

  • Snorkelling: Year round
  • Surfing & Windsurfing: May to September
  • Sailing: Year round
  • Fishing: October to April
  • Diving: February to May and September to November; best visibility in April & October
  • Walking & Trekking: April to October
  • Turtles: October to February (peak Dec) for egg-laying; mid-January to April for hatchlings
  • Bird watching: April/May for breeding season; May-September for nesting of Sooty Terns; and September/October for migratory birds

See the Seychelles Tourism Board website for more comprehensive details about the various Seychelles islands and activities.

The Seychelles weather information above is provided as a general guide as the weather in Seychelles can be extremely localised between different islands.

Please contact the Mahlatini team if you have a question about the Seychelles climate at the time you wish to visit on your Seychelles holiday and the choice of luxury accommodation we offer.

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